Refund Policy

Rule 1

If the card is in the approved state but has not been received. If we have not yet credited the card you’ll get a refund in the event that you are able to claim.


Rule 2

If a refund is requested within 3-7 business days of getting the payment. However, if the item or service is distributed legally it is not possible to request the refund.


Rule 3

Refund claims can only be made for specific items, not the entire range you bought. For pre-loaded cards the return policy won’t be applicable. In some instances, we can offer a 50percent refund.


Rule 4

Only in the event that the claim is legitimate will the cost be reimbursed. Processing fees are not reimbursed. Refunds will be made after confirming the information. Be patient.


Rule 5

There’s no case if you pay someone money from your wallet even if the transaction isn’t accurate. In addition, withdrawing funds from your account is irrevocable.


Rule 6

The deposit will be credited as a reimbursement. For refunds of an amount in any way, will not employ any form of payment.



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